I had a nightmare recently with SVN refusing to update a file, then skipping a folder. Here’s what worked for me.

SVN refused to update a particular file ‘template.html’ in a folder ‘newsletter’ deep in a tree. It just ignored it.

Odd. I delete the file, template.html. Ran update again. Nothing, just says up to date revision 999.

I’m under pressure to get this done NOW so start panicking. I delete the folder ‘newsletter’ and run the update again.

Now I get ‘newsletter’ skipped messages.

After a long, long set of attempts to get this back this finally worked, go into folder that had ‘newsletter’ in it:

> svn revert –depth=infinity
> svn up –force foldername

That restored the folder and contents and the problem file. From then on svn updates ran fine.

Last modified: May 7, 2019



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