How can I use Visual Studio as the editor in WinSCP?

Note this is no longer what I do! I use Visual Studio Code After a bit of searching I found the answer. Add a new external editor in WinSCP (Options/Preferences/Editors/Add), With this info: External Editor: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Community\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe” /Edit !.! External editor opens each file in a separate window: not checked/blank Force text... » read more

Getting MSBuild Error MSB3021 in Visual Studio

For no reason a rebuild of a .NET MVC project created these errors that wouldn’t go away with restarts, cleans, running as administrator, etc: Error 383 Unable to copy file “..\root\foo\bar\thing\test.thing.xml” to “bar\thing\test.thing.xml”. Access to the path ‘bar\thing\test.thing.xml’ is denied As detailed here: The only thing that worked for me was the answer by When... » read more

Visual Studio Code for Classic ASP coding?
Visual Studio Code for Classic ASP coding?

I can’t quite believe I’ve been struggling without Visual Studio Code all this time when I’ve been supporting the classic ASP sites we still run. Up until now I’ve been using the full version of Microsoft Visual Studio, hacking WinSCP to open the .asp files, and editing them there. It kind of works but often... » read more